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Timeline and updates | Alexander Stadium development | Birmingham City Council

Timeline and updates

Here are of the key milestones for this exciting project

  • Autumn 2019 – demolition of three of the existing stadium stands following planning permission.
  • Winter 2019/2020 – planning approval for the redevelopment of the stadium and the main contractor appointed.
  • Spring 2020 – Preparations for start of construction begin with the installation of hoarding and signs.
  • Summer 2020 – Construction work started
  • Spring/Summer 2021 – New roof and walling for stand takes shape.
  • Winter 2021 – anticipated competition of stadium track and new seating
  • Spring 2022 – anticipated completion date

Programme updates

Previous updates and associated documents can now be found in our archive.

March 2021: Updated flood mitigation measures in Perry Park

In November 2020, Birmingham City Council approved the original flood mitigation proposals for Perry Park, included as part of the Alexander Stadium Redevelopment.

Since then, further work has been undertaken and a new, more sustainable solution has been developed. This involves the creation of a new ‘surface water attenuation bund’ (a mound made of earth used to control flooding) in Perry Park.

The 1-metre high bund will temporarily capture and store excess surface water within the Park in periods of very heavy rainfall. The water will then be drained, at a controlled rate, via a channel into Reservoir Brook.

This will reduce flooding downstream near Church Road.

Read further information about the updated flood mitigation proposals

An application ‘for approval of details reserved by condition’ will be submitted to Birmingham City Council at the beginning of April 2021 to seek agreement of the updated flood mitigation proposals.

This type of application is used when conditions applied to a planning permission require additional information to be approved by Birmingham City Council.

If approval is granted, the bund will be constructed in spring / early summer 2021. It is intended that materials from the Alexander Stadium Redevelopment construction works will be reused (where possible) to create the bund.

The bund will be seeded, and over time will develop into a grassy mound which will blend into the surrounding parkland.

If you would like any further details, help in understanding the updated proposals, or a copy of the available information in an alternate format (in another language, braille or larger print), please contact Jade Tilley at Jade.Tilley@arup.com or 0121 213 3168.

March 2021

Progress on the redevelopment of the Alexander Stadium is on the brink of another significant milestone – the completion of the steelworks. Read the full news article.

A video showing the progress being made on the redevelopment has been released to mark the approaching completion of major steelworks.

February 2021: Construction update

The following construction works will be taking place over the course of the next three months:

  • Perry Park / North of GMAC and HP Centre: Construction of the retaining wall has commenced, and will be ongoing until early 2022. The drainage and duct work in the throwers field has commenced and will be completed in April 2021. Installation of the throwers field itself has also commenced and will be ongoing until April 2022 - soil will be spread across the field and planted with grass seed in March 2021, subject to favourable weather conditions. The spreading of soil will require the use of a bulldozer and will take around two weeks. All precautions have been taken to ensure that potential noise is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • New West Stand and main track: Installation of the steel frame, pre-cast terracing (concrete seat support) and metal decking for the new West Stand is ongoing, and will continue until around April 2021. To create the flooring, concrete will be poured onto the metal decking during the daytime and then it will be levelled and polished overnight (only on days when the concrete is poured and this is expected to be once/twice a week). These works will also be ongoing until April 2021 (subject to favourable weather conditions/temperature), but rest assured all precautions have been taken to ensure that potential noise is kept to an absolute minimum. Installation of the West Stand roof and curtain walling (glass panels on the outside of the building) will commence at the end of February 2021, and will be ongoing until summer 2021. Construction of the basic structure of the North and South stadium seating berms (raised banks to support the seating areas) has commenced and will be ongoing until summer 2021, with the remaining works being completed by April 2022. Ground preparation works for the main running track have commenced and will be ongoing until March 2021. Following this, formation of the track will begin and will be ongoing until April 2022.
  • North of the existing East Stand: Demolition of the existing East Stand link bridges (those which previously connected the East Stand to the former Nelson and Knowles stands) has commenced and will be ongoing until March 2021. Following this, installation of the retaining walls, stairs, gently sloping pathway (between the East Stand car park and East Stand and Northern Plaza levels) and new link bridges (between the East Stand and North and South plaza areas) will commence and will be ongoing until April 2022.

Keeping you updated

Over the coming months and years Perry Barr is set to become a hub of activity, and with so much going on, we’re keen to keep you updated on the progress being made. Coming soon we will have a Virtual Visitors Centre where you will be able to:

  • See the stadium design
  • Download our FAQs
  • View construction progress videos and photographs

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