Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Coronavirus remains a serious health risk. It’s important to stay cautious and help protect yourself and others. Please continue to follow national government advice.

Care providers

We are taking additional steps to ensure that care and support needs continue to be met for those citizens who are already in receipt of care in line with national guidance.

We are working closely with care providers to minimise the impact on citizen’s care and support. We would ask citizens to consider seeking support from their family, friends and local community networks where possible in the current unprecedented circumstances.

If staff shortages do occur in care provider services, they will prioritise those services to people for medication and safety reasons and we will take extra steps to assist them where possible.

Available care beds

We are working closely with the NHS to find all available care beds in our care supplier market to ensure we are able to support the have as many beds available as possible in order to support hospital discharges across the city.

If a placement is required by a citizen then a social care worker or health worker will assist with this.

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