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What should I do if there is an industrial accident?

If you live close to a large chemical site, you might receive information from the site(s) in your area advising you of what actions to take in the event in an accident.

The general advice in a chemical incident is to 'Go in, stay in and tune in'. What you should do is:

  • go into a house or building straight away and stay indoors until you hear an all-clear message
  • close all external doors, turn off all heating and ventilation systems and electrical appliances
  • close all windows and curtains
  • tune in to your local radio station and/or social media for up-to-date information and instructions
  • do not ring the emergency services unless you have a medical emergency
  • co-operate with any instructions given by the emergency services
  • if advised to do so, be prepared to evacuate and follow instructions given
  • after the all-clear, doors and windows can be reopened and ventilation restored.