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Open Book 2021 care cost exercise reports

In autumn 2021, Birmingham City Council's Adult Social Care Commissioning Team carried out an ‘Open Book’ cost analysis exercise.

This exercise invited care homes, home support and supported living locations holding contracts with Birmingham City Council and Birmingham and Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to submit cost, occupancy and funding data.

The data has been analysed and is now presented in the reports below. Some of the data has been used to inform the Council's fee increases for the year 2022 to 2023 for contracted care homes, home support and supported living services. The fee increase methodology used for setting these fees is set out in the reports below.

The data are presented in the form of an interactive Microsoft Excel document, which has been designed with transparency in mind and allows the user to select and view a range of data based on different variables. Use the guidance documents below to help you navigate the report and select the data you wish to view.

While it is publishing the data, Birmingham City Council will not, at this stage, enter into dialogue with care providers, answer specific questions or points raised about individual data or comments made about the figures or costs identified in the report. Nor will it provide further analysis in response to queries.

Note that the reports represent care locations that supplied data to us through this process. It does not represent all care locations in Birmingham or all care locations that Birmingham City Council and Birmingham and Solihull CCG contract with.

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