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Calm is the cataloguing software for archives. It is only accessible to Archives, Heritage and Photography staff, and is used to find answers for other staff or customers who have a query.

We are in the process of converting all our old paper catalogues to electronic records in Calm, which allows us to search them more easily. Calm currently contains around 280,000 records.


CalmView is the public interface of Calm on the web. The information is presented in a hierarchical structure and can be difficult to navigate. The ‘Help’ option will provide you with useful hints and tips to searching. Not every collection is on CalmView; currently there are about 1600 collections (out of 8000 total). These 1600 collections are described in approx. 80,000 individual records.

All items in CalmView can only be viewed in the Wolfson Centre, with the exception of items for which a surrogate is available (for example, a microfilm copy) – this is noted on the record.

CalmView searches all the fields in Calm, not just the ones visible to the public, so you may see unexplained search results.

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