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Birmingham maps

We retain a large selection of maps covering dates ranging from 1553 to the present day including:
Bickley map collection. On aperture card. Nos. 383066 to 383272, 384501, 396418 to 396435. (HRA Microfilm Cabinet 19/Drawer 4).

  • Geological maps.
  • Goad Fire Insurance maps.
  • Goad Shopping maps.
  • Maps of parishes and townships including manorial maps (18th century), enclosure maps (late 18th and early 19th centuries) and tithe maps (mid-19th century).
  • Ordnance Survey maps for Birmingham.
  • Pigott Smith Survey maps, c1850 to 1855 - (Resources requested from the stores).
  • Rating Maps. On aperture card. (Cabinet 19/Drawer 4).
  • Six inch county maps. (Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire) - (Resources requested from the stores).
  • Street plans/A to Zs. Contemporary and historic.
  • Tithe maps.
  • Transport maps and plans

Aerial photographs - including Ordnance Survey composite photographs of most of Birmingham and its vicinity from the late 1940s and the Cambridge Aerial Survey, systematic coverage of the whole of Birmingham from the 1980s.

Materials to be served by appointment in the Wolfson Centre.

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