City centre to Small Heath Park (A45 corridor)

The City Centre to Small Heath Park cycle lane is to improve and make permanent the current pop-up cycle route from the City Centre to Small Heath Park, parallel to the A45.

This scheme proposes the provision of light segregation and links along quiet streets and traffic-free paths to provide a safer parallel route to the A45 between the city centre (Bordesley Circus) and Small Heath.

Following feedback from the consultation in 2021 and a petition from residents in October 2022, amendments were made to the proposed scheme.

In February 2024, we consulted on the Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) associated with the project. TROs are the legal documents required to make changes to the status of the road.

The TROs in this consultation include changes to:

  • parking restrictions
  • speed cushions
  • traffic movements

As part of these works, a number of trees have been removed on Small Heath Highway and Bolton Road, to enable the segregated cycleway to be implemented. There will not be a loss of tree provision, as additional trees will be planted as part of this scheme.

You can view the TRO consultation on Be Heard

Page last updated: 18 April 2024

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