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Tame the wet

If you’re planning on cycling frequently during the winter months then it is worth investing in wet weather gear – jackets, over-trousers, over-shoes and gloves – and carry them with you in your panniers or bag. Use a helmet or a hat with a peak to keep rain out of your eyes.

Rain and damp reduces your bike’s braking efficiency so always allow more time to stop and don’t follow too closely behind vehicles as they made need to suddenly stop. Applying the brakes periodically whilst cycling is a great way of quickly and safely removing water from the wheel rim or brake disc.

Be aware of slippery road surfaces, particularly after a dry spell. Avoid manhole covers, drains, white painted lines and leaves as these can all become especially slippery when wet.

Spray from passing vehicles, particularly buses and lorries, can also restrict your vision and make it harder for other road users to see you. Use high visibility clothing and lights – even in daylight – to stand out in the gloom.

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