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Things to consider | Leaving home as a young person | Birmingham City Council

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Things to consider

Explore your options first

When you are ready to leave, you will need to decide the type of housing that will suit you best.  A big factor in making this decision will probably be your financial situation.  The cost of running a home is rising and many young people decide to share with others at first to share the rent and bills. Unless you are at risk of harm then seek advice before you decide and don't rush into anything.

If you are having problems at home

Help and support is available. Try to find someone you trust to talk to, such as friends, extended family, or a teacher at your school or college. If the situation becomes worse, see if there is a place you can go to for a night or two to let everyone cool down.

We may be able to provide mediation in your home with your family to talk about the problems.  Remember, if you leave home when you didn’t need to and without preparation, you may find yourself in an even worse situation.

If you feel unsafe at home or have no choice and have to leave home immediately, for example because someone is being violent or abusive towards you, you must seek help right away. Organisations that can help are listed in the Other Help and Support’ section of this leaflet.