Housing advice

The following organisations can give general housing advice.  For organisation catering for specific needs please see some of the other sections. 

Details about personalised support and supported accommodation:

Floating Support and Supported Accommodation

Birmingham Gateway

Birmingham Gateway can make referrals to agencies that may be able to offer supported accommodation or housing related floating support.  Birmingham Gateway is only a referral point for certain organisations that received funding from Birmingham City Council.  It is open between Monday to Thursday 8:45am to 5:15pm, and Friday 8:45am to 4:15pm. 

Telephone: 0121 675 4249

Alternatively you can contact providers directly using the details below and on the following pages.  If they are funded by us to provide floating support or supported accommodation then this will be marked.  Other providers may provide these services too or may just be able to give advice.

Floating Support – this means support from a specialist worker across a range of issues to help you find a home if needed and to support you to stay in your home.  This might include money advice, help accessing schools and GPs, benefits advice and assistance with claims.  The support workers may provide specialist support to meet certain needs.

Supported Accommodation – This accommodation may only be for a few months or  may be available for much longer depending on the scheme.  It will come with support similar to that provided by floating support workers described above.  This will often include support to find and move into permanent accommodation.

Refuge Accommodation – This accommodation is specifically for people fleeing domestic abuse.  Support from staff with experience of working with people in this situation will be available and to ensure their own safety residents are required to ensure the location is not shared.