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Staying with family

The housing shortage in Birmingham and the cost of housing can make finding your own place difficult.

It is best to wait until you are in a good financial position before searching for a home. This could be with a regular income or with some savings for a deposit and rent in advance.

If possible, consider staying with your family. You will likely have lower housing costs and more time to save up.

Saving to get on the property ladder

More homes are being built for those looking to own their own home.

While it may take longer to save for a deposit, you can get onto the housing ladder with more affordable schemes such as shared ownership.

There are also savings accounts designed for those looking to buy and for those on benefits.

Impact on Council Tax and benefits

If your family claim benefits to help with housing costs or Council Tax, it is important that they declare if you are living with them. Further information is available on housing benefit and Council Tax.

Page last updated: 15 February 2023

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