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Apply for free school travel assistance

In some instances the City Council is able to offer children free school travel assistance to get to school. However, these are usually exceptional circumstances and only approximately 20% of applications meet the specified criteria and are successful.

To apply for free school travel assistance your child must:

  • Live in Birmingham
  • Be between 5 and 16 years old (unless they have learning difficulties or disabilities)
  • Attend one of the following:
    • State school (school maintained by the Council)
    • Pupil referral unit
    • Non-maintained special school
    • Free school
    • Academy.
  • Have to walk further than the distance (qualifying distance) shown in the table below when considering their shortest possible walking routes
Distance estimator

Started at the school they’re travelling to after 1 September 2013

Up to 8 years old

2 miles

Over 8 years old

3 miles


You will not be able to apply for free school travel assistance if:

  • your child goes to a school more than the qualifying distance from your home because that's the school you want, even though your child could have gone to a school within that distance.
  • your child is attending a denominational (faith) school, unless you are on a low income and qualify for additional support.
  • you have not already accepted a place at a school.

To apply for free school travel assistance, complete our online form.

You will need to login or register for a Brum Account in order to use this form.

Child's bus pass application form

Due to the high volume of applications being received by Children and Young People’s Travel Service after the start of the school year, we can experience delays due to high volume of applications we receive during this time. Before contacting Children and Young People’s Travel Service regarding your outstanding application, check your junk mail for Council emails regarding eligibility or bus pass codes. You should only contact Children and Young People’s Travel Service if the application is older than 20 working days.

We are advising applicants to make their own travel arrangements during this time, and for all eligible applications that have been delayed for 20 working days or more a reimbursement can be requested for the cost of your child’s daily bus fare. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

For all enquiries regarding reimbursements, contact with your child’s details and the application reference number. We can then investigate if you are entitled to a reimbursement and if so how much you are entitled to. We will then send a response with any supporting documentation that you may need to complete.

Page last updated: 22 November 2023

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