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Specialised transport for pupils with learning difficulties or disabilities

There are a range of solutions available to pupils and young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, and those pupils attending specialist centres.

We may be able to offer your child a free bus pass or special vehicle, eg taxi, minibus or wheelchair accessible vehicle to get them to school.

We may also be able to offer help to students with special needs who attend specialist schools / colleges outside of the Birmingham area as long as:

  • They are attending the nearest school/college that meets their needs
  • The placement is agreed as the most appropriate placement as part of their special educational needs assessment and review.

When you apply we’ll take into consideration:

  • Whether your child lives within walking distance and is able to walk, use public transport or needs to use a special vehicle.
  • Whether they’re attending the nearest available school that meets their needs – If you choose to send them to a school further away you will need to pay the cost of transport.

We regularly review the help that we offer, as pupils’ needs often change as they become older.

SEN travel assistance application form

The form is in two parts:

  • the first part must be completed by you
  • the second part must be completed by the school that you’re asking for transport to

Download a SEN home to school travel assistance application form


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