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Register a food business

You must tell us about the premises you will run your business from and any vehicles you will use to support this business. This information must reach us 28 days before your business starts operating. Registration is free.


Any premises your business uses to store, prepare, sell or distribute food in the city of Birmingham must be registered with us. Food business premises include takeaways, restaurants, hotels, shops, warehouses, cafes, market stalls, mobile food vans, and home catering services.

If you have several food businesses on one site (a row of shops, for instance), they cannot be classed together as being on one premises. In this situation you must register each of your food business premises separately. If you rent a space within the premises of food business to operate your own food business (a cafe within a supermarket, for instance), the space you have rented must be registered separately.


If you use vehicles for a food business that operates from a permanent premises (such as a restaurant, cafe or shop) you only need to tell us how many vehicles your business uses.

If you use vehicles for a food business that operates from a temporary premises (such as a market stall) you need to tell us how many vehicles you are using and where those vehicles are stored when they are not in use.

Apply to register your food business

How we handle your registration

We’ll contact you to confirm we’ve received your registration form and we’ll be in touch again within 28 days to tell you when it’s been processed. If we confirm that we’ve received your registration form and you don’t hear from us again after 28 days, you can start operating your food business without waiting further.

Reporting changes to your food business

If the nature of your business changes, or if you change the storage location of your movable premises (such as a market stall or mobile food van), you will need to notify us. If you transfer ownership of your business to someone else, that person will need to contact us.

If you wish to change the entry in the register because of information we receive from someone else, you will be given 28 days notice and an opportunity to comment on the proposed change.

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