Starting and setting up a food business

If you are looking to set up a food business or are currently operating a food business, this information will assist you in running your business safely.

You can read about setting up a food business and managing food safety and food hygiene within your business.

You can also use a start-up checklist for new food businesses. This checklist will provide you with a guide which talks about the most important parts of running your food business.

Food business registration

It is a legal requirement to register your food business 28 days before operating. It is also important to keep registration details up-to-date. You can register your food business using a form on the government's website.

Industry guidance

You can access current existing industry guides for specific food industry sectors, such as:

  • retail
  • wholesale distributors
  • whitefish processors
  • sandwich bars and similar food outlets
  • sandwich manufacturing
  • vending and dispensing
  • bottled water
  • mail order food
  • drinks and alcohol
  • watercress

Further queries

You can email to submit any questions you have about running a food business.

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