Covid-19 Economic Recovery Strategy

Following a consultation process, Birmingham City Council has published its Covid-19 Economic Recovery Strategy which was formally adopted by the City Council’s Cabinet on 16 March 2021.

The following documents are now available to download:

The Covid-19 Economic Recovery Strategy

 The Recovery Strategy sets out the City Council’s overall priorities for the recovery from COVID-19, which are:

  • Creating a more inclusive economy and tackling the inequalities and injustices highlighted by the crisis.
  • Taking more radical action to achieve zero carbon emissions and a green and sustainable city.
  • Strengthening our public services and creating new services to address needs.
  • Building the strength and resilience of our communities, based on the positive response to the crisis.

Our priorities for economic recovery in both the short and longer term will be based on the City Council’s distinct role in place leadership.

The strategy contains a detailed intervention plan setting out the key projects and programmes that will deliver these objectives based around the following 4 themes:

  • Place development and management
  • Green recovery
  • Supporting people and businesses – especially protecting jobs and helping people find training and work
  • Unlocking and accelerating infrastructure investment

The strategy has been developed in collaboration with key partners across the city and we will continue to engage with businesses, residents and stakeholders to implement the actions set out in the strategy to help drive the recovery in the city’s economy.

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