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Local labour market publications


  • Labour Market Update: The update provides a detailed breakdown of the latest data on the local labour market including claimant count unemployment, youth unemployment and resident employment and skills. Where possible the data is provided at ward and constituency level and comparisons are shown at a national, regional and core city level.

Other Labour Market Publications

  • Qualifications in Birmingham: uses data from the 2011 Census to analyse qualification levels by age, gender, ethnicity and geography within the city, and compares Birmingham to other core cities and neighbouring authorities. Revised April 2017.
  • Women in the labour market: uses a variety of data sources to analyse women’s participation in the labour market by ethnicity, age and geography. Revised June 2016.
  • Ethnic groups in the labour market: uses data from the 2011 census to provide a detailed analysis of the labour market status of the major ethnic groups of the city. Published October 2014.
  • Commuting and migration flows: uses 2011 Census data to analyse and map commuting flows in and out of Birmingham and international migration data. Published May 2015.
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