Walk to school

October is International Walk to School Month.

Pull on your autumn boots and join thousands of children across the globe celebrating the walk to school.

Children today can often miss out on outdoor play, exercise and basic life skills such as independence and road safety. Walking to school can help teach children to properly observe their environment, to interact with family and friends and to develop essential skills under the safe supervision of parents or guardians.

Autumn is a time when traffic around the school gate can become a major problem. You can do your bit to reduce traffic and air pollution by leaving the car at home whenever possible. If you have to drive, always park considerately, well away from the school gate, and turn you engine off when waiting for your child. Read more about ways you can reduce air pollution.

To make walking to school even more fun, we have created some I spy and scavenger hunt sheets to use along the way.

Download activity sheets.

Share what you’re doing for Walk to School Month on social media using #brumbreathes.

Hundreds of Birmingham schools have now signed up to Modeshift STARS. This free scheme supports and recognises schools who promote active and sustainable travel. For more information about Modeshift STARS in Birmingham, contact connected@birmingham.gov.uk.

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