Jago's story

We often think of 20mph as just a number but it’s a speed limit which has an impact on real people and real lives. It’s 20mph for a reason.

This is Jago’s story. Just an ordinary little boy who was unexpectedly involved in a collision. Told from the perspectives of those involved first-hand, a police officer, paramedic and hospital consultant, Jago's story highlights the personal impact of Jago's collisions and collisions like this have had upon them.

They also talk about how they cope with collisions involving children and the reasons why they have got behind Birmingham's 20mph campaign 'Slower is Safer '.

One often overlooked fact is the huge financial impact of a collision as a fatality costs the tax-payer around £2.2 million every single time it happens.

So next time you hear someone asking why the council is spending money on more 20mph speed limits remember this, the cost of doing nothing is greater than you think.

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