Average speed enforcement (ASE) camera

Average speed enforcement cameraBirmingham City Council, Solihull Metropolitan Council and West Midlands Police now operate an Average Speed Enforcement (ASE) camera system.

This new system replaced the old, obsolete wet film safety cameras.

The introduction of the ASE system is intended to positively influence driver behaviour and ensure that drivers comply with the set limits on roads; thus providing a safer environment for everyone who uses the roads.

The ASE cameras will detect vehicles and calculate their average speed by measuring the time taken to travel between fixed points.

Find out more about how ASE cameras work.

The aims of the introducing these new cameras are to:

  • improve road safety and reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured in road collisions
  • improve driver behaviour improvement over a greater area
  • improve compliance with speed limits

ASE cameras have a proven track record of reducing casualties and excessive speed, and their high visibility leads to better compliance with the speed limit. This is evidenced in Scotland when the first ASE was installed - Case Study of ASE system positive effects – A9 Scotland.

If you are caught speeding above a certain limit your case will be heard at Magistrates Court. If you are found guilty any fine imposed goes to the treasury. If you are eligible for a speed awareness course any surplus from the course goes towards road safety initiatives in Birmingham and Solihull which includes covering the operating costs for the speed enforcement team.

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