Traffic management services

Traffic management is a key service within Highways as required by the Traffic Management Act 2004. It is and is led by the Traffic Manager.

Traffic management responsibilities include:

  • managing applications to close a road
  • managing and reducing congestion
  • liaison for private developments which affect the Highway (e.g. road closures)
  • managing temporary and permanent traffic management arrangements
  • liaising with the Highways Agency, Statutory, Public Transport Providers, Undertakers and other Interested Parties
  • resolving issues affecting disabled users, pedestrians, businesses, public transport and taking into account access issues
  • managing and maintaining the provision of traffic regulation orders

The Traffic Manager and their team work closely with Kier Highways who provide the highway maintenance and management services in Birmingham. This includes Birmingham’s Urban Traffic Control.

If you have any enquiries regarding traffic management please contact us.

Traffic management documents

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