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Report possible abuse or neglect of an adult with care and support needs

  • Adult Social Care staff will look at referrals made online: Monday to Friday 8:45am to 5pm.
  • Members of staff will not be available to respond to online referrals outside of the above times, on weekends or bank holidays.
  • If you believe that the referral you are making is urgent and needs to be responded to when Adult Social Care staff are not routinely available, please contact our Out of Hours team on 0121 464 9001 or email
  • If you believe your concern is an emergency, or if someone is in immediate danger, you should contact the Emergency Services, call 999.

Members of the public can report a concern of an adult with care and support needs to Birmingham City Council in the following ways

Report adult abuse online: (Members of public) Begin this form now

or by;

Read more about what we mean by care and support needs.

Professionals should report a concern of adult abuse to Birmingham City Council by completing the online form below

Report adult abuse online: (Professionals) Begin this form

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