Report possible abuse or neglect of an adult with care and support needs

Adult Social Care Contact Centre staff will look at referrals made online from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

If you believe that the referral you are making is urgent and needs to be responded to when Adult Social Care staff are not routinely available, contact our Out of Hours team on 0121 464 9001 or email

If you believe your concern is an emergency, or if someone is in immediate danger, you should contact the Emergency Services by calling 999.

You can report a concern using our online form:

Report adult abuse online: Begin this form now

When you submit the forms with a valid email address, you will receive a PDF version of the form.

You can also report a concern in the following ways:

Only call the safeguarding number if you believe it's a safeguarding concern. If you call for anything else, you could be preventing a citizen from getting through who may be being abused.

Use our online referral and telephone contact services for support and services.

Read more about what we mean by care and support needs.

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