Council Plan and Budget 2018+

Every year we publish our annual financial plan, which you can download here.

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You can also download the budget for Birmingham for 2018 to 2019.

Birmingham is experiencing one of its most exciting periods of regeneration and development in recent times. We aim to be a city of growth in every respect – and Birmingham City Council wants to make a positive difference, every day, to people’s lives. This underpins everything we do, whether that’s setting our priorities, making decisions or delivering services.

Our priorities

Guided by the present situation – with a rising demand for services (especially adult social care), financial pressures and the need to invest in children’s services – we plan to focus our resources on four key priorities:

  • Children – so Birmingham’s a great city to grow up in
  • Housing – so Birmingham’s a great city to live in
  • Jobs and skills – so Birmingham’s a great city to succeed in
  • Health – so Birmingham’s a great city to grow old in

The council is just one key player in achieving these priorities. Over the next few years, our financial situation remains challenging so our role in the city needs to change. One of the biggest shifts we’ll need to make is to move from directly delivering services to a position where we use our resources to enable and facilitate others. This means a much greater focus on collaboration and partnerships.

We see the council’s role as providing strategic leadership – that’s being able to visualise a new future for the city and equipping others to share our vision. We want to ensure the provision of decent services for all, so we can focus on supporting those least able to support themselves. And we’ll work with partners and put citizens and neighbourhoods at the heart of our decision-making.

Council tax

There will be a rise of 2.99 per cent in the council’s base element of the council tax for 2018 to 2019. In addition, in recognition of particular pressures in adult social care there will be a further 1 per cent rise for the adult social care precept, which will contribute towards increasing adult social care costs. In total, this is a rise of 3.99 per cent. Read the Council Tax help and information notes.

Our previous Financial Plans

You can download the last three years below:

2017 to 2018 budget

2016 to 2017 budget

2015 to 2016 budget

All those previous to the above years are also available to download