Birmingham City Council’s Business Plan

Every year we publish our annual Business Plan and budget for the financial year. It’s an important document that explains our priorities and how we’re going to achieve them.

Mid-year budget review

The delivery of the 2016+ savings programme was recognised in the Business Plan 2016+ as being extremely challenging.  A mid-year review has been undertaken and, as part of this, a pragmatic assessment has been made of the extent to which previously planned savings can still be achieved.  It has now been concluded that some elements of the programme are not deliverable, in whole or in part this year, although efforts will continue to be made to maximise the delivery of savings wherever possible. 

However, Directorates have been able to identify some new savings opportunities in 2016/17, these are shown in the proposals.  Where these proposals require public or staff consultation, this will be led by the appropriate Directorate, and implementation will be subject to these consultation processes and the necessary formal approval.  The impact in future years will be considered as part of the 2017+ budget process.

The future

Birmingham faces a future where working together with residents, businesses, community groups and the voluntary sector has never been so important.

Our aim is to create a sustainable, future-proof model of local public services, focused on supporting the needs of people, partnership working, empowered staff and community engagement.

As a Council, our values are:

  • Putting residents first
  • Acting courageously
  • Being true to our word
  • Achieving excellence

Birmingham City Council Business Plan and Budget 2016+

Our Business Plan and Budget 2016+ sets out our vision for 2020.

The vision is based on the fundamental ideals of prosperity, fairness and democracy set out in previous years. Within this, there are six key strategic outcomes: 

  1. A strong economy
  2. Safety and opportunity for all children
  3. A great future for young people
  4. Thriving local communities
  5. A healthy, happy population
  6. A modern council.

Our previous Business Plans

You can read copies of our previous plans using the links below: