Key announcements

Our council tax and benefits online systems and forms may be unavailable on Saturday 21 May between 8am and 2pm due to planned maintenance. Details of how to offer support to Ukraine residents fleeing war, and where to find information and advice are on our City of Sanctuary webpage

Other policies and strategies

Table of Birmingham City Council policies and procedures
Strategy Function Description
Pupil Attendance Strategy Children School attendance and absence including code of conduct
Support for Families - Think Families Children Childrens Trust and support
Parks and Open Space Strategy Place This strategy structure will set the vision for the future of Birmingham City parks and open spaces
Empty Property Strategy 2019 to 2024 Place This strategy aims to bring more of the remaining empty homes back into use and provide good quality, affordable housing to meet that need.
Extending your home: Home extensions design guide Place This document is to provide design guidance specific to the needs of homeowners, and their agents, designing extensions to their homes.
Birmingham Connected Economy Birmingham Connected covers all transport planning activity and is built on the Birmingham Connected White paper.
Strategy for the Conservation and Enjoyment of Birmingham's Historic Environment 2013 Economy Strategy for the Conservation and enjoyment of Birmingham's Historic Environment 2013
Big City Plan Economy  
Workforce Strategy Strategic The Strategy for the Councils Workforce
Local Welfare provision policy Strategic
Council Tax Support hardship policy Strategic  
Council Tax Support scheme Strategic  
Unpaid Council Tax Recovery Policy Strategic  
Business rates discretionary relief policy Strategic  
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