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West Midlands Making Best Use of Stock Partnership

The West Midlands Making Best Use of Stock (WMBUS) is a partnership of local authorities and registered providers in the West Midlands who will work together in local areas to develop joint approaches to make best use of stock. The partnership will work with all providers in the West Midlands who have stock and have stated that they want to respond collaboratively to the Welfare Reform changes and develop approaches to:

  • Identify customers who will be affected by the welfare reform
  • Work on shared lettings arrangements to develop  joint approaches to enable customers who are under occupying to move to alternative accommodation
  • Deal with tenancy fraud
  • Improve working together with the private sector
  • Influence new build development areas and type of accommodation
  • Identify and seek to improve overcrowding
  • Share best practice
  • Plan for the future

WMBUS partnership members will:

  • Have signed up to commitments within the partnership and strategic framework agreements
  • Support the work of the strategic strands attending meetings and support outcomes

The 5 strategic strands are:

  1. Lettings and mobility
  2. Welfare Reform
  3. Tenancy Fraud
  4. Private Sector 

The role and responsibility of board are set out within the partnerships strategic framework. A full list of who are board members can be found on the WMBUS website.

The budget will be administered by a Board members organisation.

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