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Council home repairs, cleaning and maintenance

Windows Restrictors

Restrictors are fitted to windows to limit how far they will open to prevent falls.  It is important that you use these restrictors correctly and that they are in good working order.  If the restrictor is faulty or becomes damaged it is important you report it for repair immediately and keep it closed until the repair is completed.  It is also suggested that you lower the risks to children and vulnerable adults by moving furniture and other items which they could climb onto away from windows and balcony railings.

An additional restrictor will be provided, upon request, to those windows at 3rd floor and above where there is at least one child under 11 years of age and/or a vulnerable adult at increased risk of falling through an open window living in the home. The additional restrictor will be a surface mounted lockable restrictor designed to also restrict the window opening to 100mm.

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