Security services (formerly known as night security services)

There are 102 Serviced Charged Tower Blocks across Birmingham that are covered by The Security Service. These Tower Blocks are ones that were formally in receipt of a Concierge Service.

How it works

This service includes Mobile Patrol Officers who work from 7pm to 7am from Monday to Sunday and 7am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday. Mobile Patrol Officers during their working hours can be deployed to any incidents requiring City Housing representation.

Their tasks include block observations, block checks, dealing with incidents etc.

Part of the service also include a Central Control Room where we have operators on duty 24 hours a day seven days a week. Tenants have an intercom system in their properties where they can call the control room directly with any queries and in addition all tower blocks have the central control number 0121 303 7300 on the door entry panel. Tenants are also advised to contact West Midlands Police if they witness or are subject to any criminal activity.

Handset instructions

To adjust the call volume, use the v shape icons below the bell symbol. To turn volume up use the right button and to turn the volume down use the left button.

To request a control room call back, press the two dots on the right-hand side of the centre circle that says bpt in the middle.

To answer a call, press the telephone symbol on the left of the centre circle.

To release the door, press the symbol that has a key icon to the right of the centre circle.


The weekly charge is £10.52 which is a mandatory payment and will be shown on your rent notification letter.

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