Housing applications and re-registration

Social housing in Birmingham is a valuable but a limited resource. The demand for it from individuals and families is greater than the number of homes available to rent. To allocate this limited resource in a fair and transparent way, all councils must have a housing allocation scheme that describes the priorities and procedures for allocating homes.

Housing applications

Apply to join the housing register

If you wish to be considered for council housing in Birmingham you must fill in an application form. To find out more about the existing Housing Allocation Scheme you can download a copy of the existing scheme summary and the existing scheme full document. However before you apply please read the information below as you may wish to delay your application until after the 20th April.

Apply online

The new Housing Allocations Scheme (effective from 20 April 2017)


The council will implement a new Housing Allocation Scheme on 20 April 2017. To find out more you can download a summary of the new scheme and the full policy document. 

This change means that applicants on the current housing waiting list who still need help with social housing MUST re-apply. This is called re-registration and the council are writing direct to all the people affected.  

Letters are being sent out between now and April.  The letter will tell you what you need to do to re-register. If you have received a letter and have a query about the process or want to commence the re-registration process, please visit the website address on your letter.

You do not need to do anything until you receive your letter.  However, if you do not receive your letter by 6th March please contact us.   


It's important to re-register by 19 April 2017. If you re-register by this date and you're assessed as being eligible, you'll be able to retain your original application date. Any applications received after 19 April 2017 will be treated as new applications rather than re-registrations and given a new application date.