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Tyseley Environmental Enterprise District Local Development Order

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Local Development Orders (LDO’s) allow us to grant automatic planning permission for certain types of development and therefore remove the need to submit a planning application. In doing this, LDO’s simplify the planning process and help provide conditions to stimulate new economic development.

In order to exploit the growth in resource recovery and low carbon technologies Tyseley has been designated as the city’s Environmental Enterprise District (TEED) in the Economic Zones Prospectus; Investing in Birmingham (September 2012). The proposed Local Development Order will encourage development through reducing costs and providing certainty for potential developers and businesses though a simplified planning process.

The proposed LDO seeks to grant planning permission for associated development within use classes B1 (b) Research and Development of products or process, B1 (c) light industry, B2 general industrial uses, and Environmental Technologies and Energy Recovery Uses.

The TEED area also benefits from an ERDF package to improve and create new enterprise space and for business development. www.birmingham.gov.uk/tpap

Tyseley Environmental Enterprise District Draft LDO

When adopted the following development within the proposed Tyseley Environmental Enterprise District LDO area will not require planning consent, subject to the submission of the details set out in the ‘Notification of Development Process’, and the conditions and limitations set out in the attached LDO:

Changes of Use to, and demolition followed by Operational Development for:

  • Use Class B1 (b) Research and Development of Products and Process
  • Use Class B1 (c) Light Industry
  • Use Class B2 General Industry: Use for the carrying out of an industrial process other than one falling in class B1
  • Use Class Sui Generis Environmental Technology and/or Energy Recovery Uses

The proposed LDO will impose limitations and conditions that clearly set out what development is and is not allowed under the LDO.


Members of Planning Committee approved the Draft LDO for a full public consultation; this was carried out between the 16th April and the 28th May 2014 and has now closed

You can find out more about the Tyseley Environmental Enterprise District Local Development Area here on our frequently asked questions page.

What Happens Next?

We will consider the comments received and determine whether any amendments are required to the LDO. If significant changes are made then further consultation will be undertaken. Once consultation has been completed the then the LDO will be reported back to Planning Committee for adoption.

A copy of the draft LDO is attached below, along with a plan showing its boundary.

Document Status : Draft Local Development Order Document - Under Consideration.

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Last Updated: 4th June 2014