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Secondary Transfer


Before applying for secondary schools for your child you should research all the schools that you and your child are interested in. You can find helpful information from a variety of sources, including:

  • School prospectuses
  • School Open Sessions
  • Parents' information booklet - Secondary schools

School prospectuses
Schools have their own booklets that explain:

  • The subjects they teach
  • The facilities they have
  • What they aim to achieve for their pupils

You should contact the schools directly for a copy of their booklet.

School open sessions
All schools hold open days and evenings, when parents and children can visit and talk to teachers and existing pupils. These are a very good opportunity for you and your child to get the feel of the school.

See the Secondary Schools Open Sessions Booklet at the bottom of the page for times and dates of open sessions.

Essential Information
  • How to complete the preference form

    See guidance notes below:

    • Only fill in the Birmingham Preference Form if you live in Birmingham. If you live outside Birmingham you must apply to the local authority where you live (this will be the local authority you pay your council tax to)
    • Fill in the Preference Form clearly
    • Do any of your preferred schools require another supplementary form to be sent in? For Birmingham schools check how to apply for individual schools. For schools outside Birmingham, check the information booklet for that local authority
    • Give the name and date of birth of any sibling already at a school you are applying to who will still be in attendance in September
    • Check carefully the admission criteria of Birmingham schools, or those in other local authorities. Does your child meet the criteria for the school(s) you prefer?
    • Would your child have met the admission criteria last year? Would your child have met the criteria in the past 3 years? If in doubt contact School Admissions and Pupil Placements Service for guidance. (See contact detail in the essential information section)
    • Make sure you include as a preference at least one school where your child meets the admission criteria. This is likely to be a nearby school where one of the main admission criteria is distance
    • Check how far (by straight line measurement) you live from schools you prefer. School Admissions and Pupil Placements Service can advise you on this. (See contact detail in the essential information section)
    • Do not include as preferences too many schools where you live further away than the cut-off distance in the past 3 years, as this could prevent any of your preferences being satisfied
    • Put down six different preferences on the Preference Form. Do not put down the same preference more than once as it is counted as one application
    • Name up to six schools that you would like your child to go to, and rank them in order of preference. The school you name first should be the one you would most like your child to go to
    • You can only appeal for a school that you have submitted as a preference
    • You must apply online or return your Local Authority Preference Form by the specified date
  • Children’s Information and Advice Service

    0121 303 1888 (option 4)

    School Admission and Pupil Placement Service
    PO Box 16513
    Birmingham B2 2FF

    Opening Hours:
    Monday to Thursday: 8.45 am to 5.15 pm
    Friday: 8.45 am to 4.15 pm
    Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: Closed

  • Coventry City Council
    Telephone: 02476 831577

    Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council
    Telephone: 01384 814223

    Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
    Telephone: 0121 569 6765

    Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
    Telephone: 0121 704 6693

    Telephone: 01785 278 593

    Walsall Council
    Telephone: 01922 686 585

    Warwickshire County Council
    Telephone: 01926 742 037 (Secondary Team)

    Wolverhampton City Council
    Telephone: 01902 554 176

    Worcestershire County Council
    Telephone: 01905 822 700