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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Replacement bins/pods/boxes/sacks

Report damaged or missing bins / pods / boxes / garden waste sacks
If your wheelie bins / pods / boxes / garden waste sacks are damaged or missing you can order new ones by clicking on the button below.


Replacement information

If the bins / pods / garden waste sacks are reported as damaged or missing within 10 working days of delivery there will be no charge for the replacement. There is no charge to replace a blue/green recycling box. If, in the case of wheelie bins / garden waste sacks only, they are reported as damaged or missing more than 10 working days after delivery, then there will be an administration and delivery charge of £20.00 to replace them (please note: this also applies to new occupiers). The Council does not make an administration / delivery charge for replacement pods or boxes.

Replacement of damaged bins and boxes

When requesting the replacement of a damaged wheelie bin / pod, please ensure the bin / pod is placed in a visible location ready for collection when the new one is delivered.

Wheelie bins damaged by crews

If during collection the crew damages a wheelie bin they will leave a tag on the bin with a unique reference number. The crew will report they have damaged the bin when they return to their depot at the end of the day. Delivery of a replacement bin will automatically be arranged. There is no need to contact us.