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Replacement Wheelie Bins/Boxes/Pod & Green Recycling Sacks


Important Notice: If you access our services using the web, please check that you have up-dated your personal details. If you have changed address you must make sure that you up-date your “one account”, log out so that the change is accepted and log back in before you request any services.

Please select the button above to report your wheelie bins/boxes/pod/green recycling sacks have been:

  • Damaged
  • Missing

It is your responsibility to ensure that your wheelie bins/boxes/green recycling sacks are stored safely and securely.

We strongly advise that you permanently mark the bins with your house number/name (or other unique design) to help prevent them from being stolen and you should also take the bins back onto your property as soon as possible after the collection has been made.

Sometimes bin lids do not sit correctly but as the plastic has “memory” it may revert back to its original shape and sit down correctly. This process can be assisted if you gently wriggle the lid. If the lid is still damaged after you have allowed the plastic to settle you will need to request a replacement bin, please select the button at the top of this page.

There is a small semi-circle missing from the front of your bin lid to assist our visually impaired customers and enable them to identify their green recycling wheelie bin from their mixed material/household rubbish bins. This is not a damaged or faulty bin and is a national standard observed throughout the industry.

All Wheelie Bins/Green Recycling Sacks reported as missing/damaged within 10 working days of delivery

If you report your wheelie bins/green recycling sacks have been damaged or are missing within 10 working days of delivery there is no charge to replace the bins/green recycling sacks.

All Wheelie Bins/Green Recycling Sacks reported as missing/damaged after 10 working days of delivery

If you report that your wheelie bins/green recycling sacks have been damaged or are missing outside of 10 working days, there is a £20.00 administration and delivery charge to replace the wheelie bins/set of unused green recycling sacks. Please refer to information below if you are reporting that the wheelie bin has been damaged by our crew.

If you need more than one wheelie bin/set of sacks replaced there will be a £20.00 administration and delivery charge for each replacement wheelie bin/set of sacks.

Payment Method

The administration and delivery charge of £20.00 must be paid in advance using either a debit or credit card. We only accept this method of payment because it is the most cost-efficient way for us to take payment.

Wheelie Bins Damaged by Crews

If your wheelie bins are damaged when the crew are collecting your recycling/household rubbish you do not need to report this to us.

If the crew damage the wheelie bin when collecting the recycling/household rubbish they will leave a tag on the wheelie bin with a unique reference number. The crew will report they have damaged the wheelie bin when they return to their depot at the end of the day and we will arrange delivery of your replacements.

Missing or Damaged Boxes/Pod

There is no charge for replacement boxes/pod.

If you have a recycling wheelie bin with a pod and only the pod is damaged you can request a replacement pod only.

Delivery of Wheelie Bins/Boxes/Pods/Green Recycling Sacks

We will deliver your wheelie bins/boxes/pod/green recycling sacks within 5 working days.

If you are requesting replacement sacks on or after 14 July 2014, there will be a £20.00 administration and delivery charge and you will only receive 30 replacement sacks to use for the remainder of the collection service.

If you report your wheelie bin/boxes/pod/green recycling sacks as damaged you must return the damaged bins/boxes/pod/green recycling sacks to us at the time we deliver your replacements.

We will not be able to deliver your replacement wheelie bins/boxes/pod/green recycling sacks if the damaged ones are not returned.

You must leave them at the front of the property, for example, by the front door for the next 5 working days.

Essential Information
  • If you are a new occupier and there is no green recycling wheelie bin at your property, and you want to purchase this service, find more information here. The annual fee is £35.00 or on or after the 14 July 2014 the fee is £17.50.

    If you purchase this service online you will be entitled to a £2.00 discount on the prices quoted above.

    If you are a new occupier and want to report that your wheelie bins/boxes/pod are damaged or missing, you need to report this to us here.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • It is an offence to create a Statutory Nuisance by lighting a bonfire.

    • You are. We would recommend that you bag your household rubbish before putting it into your household rubbish wheelie bin.

      The recycling that you put into your recycling wheelie bins/boxes should be put in loose and NOT in carrier/plastic bags.

    • We will accept payments by Debit/Credit card only. This is because it is the most cost-efficient way for us to take payment.

      Cash and cheque payments would be the most expensive way for us to administer the payment.

    • We will provide upon request an assisted collection to households who are unable to take their wheelie bins/boxes/sacks to the edge of their property for collection due to infirmity or disability.

      If an able-bodied person aged 16+ years is resident in the house, it is expected that the able-bodied resident will present the wheelie bins/boxes/sacks at the usual collection point and therefore you are not eligible to receive this service. If you want to request an assisted collection visit our web page at www.birmingham.gov.uk/assistedcollections.

    • No. We have assessed all households within Birmingham and only those that are suitable for wheelie bins will be provided with them. Some households will be provided with wheelie bins and will need to present their wheelie bins for collection at a presentation point and some households will remain on a sack and box collection.

    • We do not provide sacks for household rubbish. You can purchase these sacks at local retail outlets.

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