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Jewellery Quarter Controlled Parking Zone

The Jewellery Quarter (JQ) is acknowledged as the City Region Creative Village with a vibrant atmosphere where people work, live and visit. Over the last decade the Jewellery Quarter has seen a vast amount of change. Many former industrial units have been re-developed or converted to attract new businesses and residents into the area. At the same time it is home to over 400 jewellery businesses and is a designated conservation area with over 200 listed buildings.

Ensuring good access to the area is vital for supporting the area and its regeneration by making it easier for visitors to get to the shops and businesses in the area. Properly managed parking also helps to reduce congestion and manage air quality by helping to increase the availability of parking and reducing the amount of wasted miles searching for parking. The parking needs of the local businesses, local workers and residents are all important in order to make the area somewhere that people want to live, work and base a business.

In 2011 the Council implemented changes to the Controlled Parking Zone to try and better reflect the changing land uses in the area. In developing the new scheme, the City Council worked closely with the JQ Association, the JQ Regeneration Partnership and community representatives and various stages of consultation on the changes took place over a 5 year period.

For information on applying for permits please visit http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/parkingpermits

Summary of key aspects of the Jewellery Quarter Controlled Parking Zone

A plan of the Controlled Parking Zone can be downloaded further down this page. The key operational features of the scheme are:

  • The Controlled Parking Zone operates 8am to 6pm Monday to Sunday. This means that the waiting restrictions on single yellow lines and some parking bays operate at these times.
  • There are double yellow lines in the zone that mean no waiting at any time.
  • The permit bays operate 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Parking in the permit bays requires vehicles to have valid permits displayed during these times. This gives residents and businesses the benefit of having parking areas designated for their use, preventing shoppers and commuters from parking in these designated bays.
  • There are a number of locations that have pay & display facilities. Vehicles parking in these locations require a clearly displayed valid pay and display ticket 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. On a Sunday the pay and display bays are free but still have various maximum stay periods (either 2 or 4 hours) which are displayed on signs adjacent to the bays and on the ticket machines, which also state what the tariffs are.
  • There are a number of locations throughout the zone that offer free parking. There are signs adjacent to these bays advising of the period the free parking is offered as well as the no return period.
  • There are loading facilities provided at a number of locations which were suggested during the consultation.
  • Elsewhere loading can take place on double and single yellow lines. However, there are some areas in the zone that will be no loading 8am to 6pm Monday to Sunday. These areas are marked with yellow lines (either double or single) on the carriageway with the addition of yellow kerb ‘blips’ on the kerb.
  • There are a number of other ad-hoc parking facilities provided throughout the zone to benefit the local community and visitors.
  • There are a number of designated spaces for Blue Badge holders. However, Blue Badge holders are also able to park in pay and display bays without charge or a time limit, in free restricted bays without a time limit and on single or double yellow lines (where there is no restriction on loading) for a period of up to 3 hours.

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