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Erdington Parking Scheme

Erdington Parking Scheme

Between Monday 16 January and Monday 13 February 2012, we are consulting on a proposal to introduce new parking controls in Erdington. Further information on the work being undertaken is provided below.

Why are we considering introducing parking controls to this area?
Erdington is one of Birmingham’s busiest and most vibrant local centres. People are attracted to the area, and many of those who drive park their vehicles on local streets. This may be making it difficult for some residents to park near their homes during the day.

This review is looking at the feasibility of providing specific parking bays for use by permit holders, so they should find it easier to find a parking space. Permits would be available for residents or businesses/local workers to purchase. The introduction of permit holder parking bays would not guarantee a parking space for anyone, but should make it easier for residents and local workers to park.

The review will also try and provide the right conditions to allow local businesses to thrive by providing suitable parking, with a maximum stay period for visitors and shoppers. This should make it easier for people to visit the stops and do business by encouraging an appropriate turnover of vehicles.

As well as introducing new parking controls, this scheme will also review the single yellow line restrictions and limited waiting parking places that are already in place. These restrictions could be changed if it is appropriate.

Parking survey data has been collected and analysed to identify parking patterns which have helped us develop this initial proposal. On average, three-quarters of roads within the area have more than 85% of the kerb space used at some point during the day. Almost three-quarters of daytime parking during the week appears to be visitors rather than residents.

What is being proposed?
An initial proposal has been developed which provides some areas with permit parking, some with parking for visitors, and some which combines a mixture of the two.

A detailed assessment has not yet been carried out so the locations for specific bays or spaces left for dropped kerbs have not yet been considered. This would be done should this consultation indicate support for development work to continue.

A plan showing the initial proposal has been circulated to all properties within the afected area. If you are within the area but have not received a copy of the proposal, please email parkingconsult@birmingham.gov.uk or telephone 0121 464 5313.

About This Consultation

No decision has been made about whether changing the parking controls is right for Erdington. The views we get back from this consultation will help us understand if this is something the community would like.

We want to hear the views of local residents, businesses and organisations to understand if such a proposal would be supported, and if it is worth undertaking any further development work.

In responding to the consultation please be as specific as possible about locations/street names as this will help us when preparing a more detailed design, should it be taken forward.

Who is included in the consultation?
We have sent a consultation leaflet to every resident, business and organisation within the zone and have also asked tenants in rented properties to inform their landlord of the proposals and encourage them to also contribute to this consultation.

If you fall into one of these categories and have not received a leaflet,if you require additional copies (for example to pass on to a landlord) or if you wish to contact someone regarding this consultationase email parkingconsult@birmingham.gov.uk or telephone 0121 464 5313. Please note that we will only send additional copies of the leaflet to properties within the consultation area.