Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Coronavirus remains a serious health risk. It’s important to stay cautious and help protect yourself and others. Please continue to follow national government advice.

Covid vaccine

The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is our best defence against the virus. The vaccine is highly effective against the virus causing symptoms and it is currently being rolled out across Birmingham and Solihull to priority groups.

The vaccine is being offered to all healthcare workers, care home residents, the elderly and the ‘clinically vulnerable’ first. The vaccine will then be offered to the wider population in order of priority.

Read about the priority groups for coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination: advice from the JCVI, 30 December 2020

All adults aged 18 or over can now get vaccinated against COVID-19.

You do not need to wait to be contacted by the NHS.

If you were contacted but have not booked your appointments, you're still eligible and can book your appointments anytime.

How to get your COVID-19 vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccines currently available are given in 2 doses. You usually have the 2nd dose 8 to 12 weeks after the 1st dose.

To get your vaccine, details can be found on this dedicated webpage Covid vaccine website for Birmingham and Solihull NHS.

For further information, please use the dedicated Covid vaccine website for Birmingham and Solihull NHS

You can view the Covid-19 Vaccine toolkit produced by Birmingham City Council

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