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Non-production material

Books on Birmingham Repertory Theatre history

We have a selection of books that describe the evolution of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre and provide a profile of Sir Barry Jackson and his relationship with the theatre, the writers and directors and the performers.


Within the Sir Barry Jackson Archive there are several photograph albums belonging to Sir Barry himself, of his trips abroad, his family and from the Malvern Festival.

We also have an extensive selection of publicity shots of actors and actresses who have appeared at the Repertory Theatre.


We have hand-drawn plans of the stages from Station Street and Broad Street. The collection also includes detailed plans of the theatre building at Broad Street. There are also some examples of plans for set designs.


The collection of play-sets covers a wide variety of plays. This part of the collection is not yet catalogued.

Sir Barry Jackson Library

The Sir Barry Jackson library is a collection of books that belonged to the man himself. It largely contains plays, English and European. There is also a selection of dramatic criticism and books on theatre history. The work of George Bernard Shaw,Shakespeare and John Drinkwater are well represented. This material is indexed by author only.

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