Production material


We have photographs of a variety of sizes taken from performances and rehearsals. The archive features work by key theatrical photographers, notably Lisel Haas,Henry Southwell-Eades and Willoughby Gullachsen.


The collection of posters illustrate the productions that have taken place, including those of several visiting companies.

Press cuttings of reviews

We have a collection of newscuttings taken mainly from the local press of critical reviews of productions. These are organised in date order.


We have an almost complete set of programmes for the Repertory Theatre. Most of the early ones provide simple cast-lists whilst the later examples give a synopsis of the play and biographies of the principal players.

Prompt books

The collection of prompt books or "working scripts" provide a insight into the direction and production of a particular play. Often the notes are handwritten.


The scripts reveal how a play has been adapted for production.

Sound effect recordings

These are recordings from Birmingham and London made on 78rpm records. They include fanfares, drum marches, falling debris sound effects and explosions used in rehearsals and productions. Many are in their original sleeves.

Due to their poor condition they have been conserved and are not available for consultation.

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