Table of biographical indexes
Index Scope Location
Aris’ Obituary Index
Accompanies copies of Aris’ Gazette found on open access in the newspaper microfilm cabinet 14.
1741 to 1866. Alphabetical list of the more prominent and wealthy deceased providing the date and age at death. Indicates the date of entry in the newspaper and may also provide an address and reference to relations. 7 volumes held at BCOL 78
Birmingham Biography Newspaper Cuttings. 1872 onwards asic alphabetical index of names providing the appropriate volume and page number. 1872 to 1974 indexes and volumes 1872 to September 1975 on open access at BCOL 78.
Volumes from October 1975 onwards at 5/L/334 along with Regional Biography volumes 1 to 12 (1969 to 1982).
Indexes for 1969 to 2003 in 23 drawers at 5/L/2/B.
Index from June 2003, ask a member of staff
Birmingham Faces and Places Index to volumes 1 to 6 (1888 to 1894) held at BCOL open access 08.2 and store area L 08.2 Alphabetical consolidated index of individuals, establishments and topographical locations providing the relevant volume, edition and page number(s). Ask a member of staff
A Catalogue of Birmingham and West Midlands Painters of the 19th Century compiled by Kathleen and Sidney Morris. Alphabetical list of painters providing brief biography, details of when they were painting and if they exhibited at the RBSA. Quick Ref in HRA.
Manning Theatre Royal Biographical Index to programmes held at L & LF 28.1 (1906 to 1918). c1905 to 1907. Alphabetical listing by name of performer providing the date of performance and the name of the show plus an alphabetical listing of productions. Ask a member of staff
Manning Theatre Index to miscellaneous theatre programmes and serials such as Midland Amusements (1908 to 1915) held at LF 28.09 and Birmingham Amusements (1893 to 1894) held at LF
Alphabetical index of actors, dancers and performers providing the dates they appeared in Birmingham and the source providing evidence. Ask a member of staff
The Owl Index to volumes held at LF 08.2 (1879 to 1911). An entertainments based Birmingham magazine. Alphabetical index of actors, politicians and other eminent local individuals. Provides date of entry in magazine along with volume and page number. Ask a member of staff
Pike’s Birmingham at the Opening of the Twentieth Century: Contemporary Biographies. Alphabetical index of potted biographies contained in the book. Mostly focused on Birmingham. Each biographical entry has an accompanying portrait. Quick Reference in HRA plus LF 78
RBSA (Royal Birmingham Society of Artists) Name Index to catalogues held at LB 54.621 (1861 to 1995). Index covers the late 19th and early 20th centuries and provides details of the title of the painting/work, time of exhibition – Spring or Autumn of a particular year and the item number in the catalogue. Ask a member of staff
Woodward’s Index to Biographical & Personal Notices which have appeared in volumes and local periodicals filed in the Central Birmingham Reference Library up to 1914 An alphabetical listing of names providing reference to the profession/trade, year of birth, date of death and reference to relevant volumes and journals containing biographical information. References are provided in a series of letter codes.
The key to decipher these codes to help identify the source is given at the beginning of volume 1.
Quick Reference in HRA.

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