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Table of subject indexes
Index Scope Location
Birmingham & Midland Institute, Archaeological Society
Transactions & Proceedings. Index to volumes 1 to 69 (1870 to 1954) held at BCOL & LBF 50.6
Alphabetical author and subject index combined providing volume and page numbers. BCOL & LP 50.6
Birmingham Historian Index to volumes 1 to 28 (Autumn 1987 to Spring 2006) held at BCOL & LBF 50.6 Alphabetical subject index providing the relevant volume and page number. BCOL & LBF 50.6
Local Index.
No set dates of coverage. Miscellaneous index of
Birmingham related topics including buildings, events,
individuals and institutions.
Index provides reference to articles, essays, newspaper cuttings and enquiries answered by staff many of which no longer exist. Please consult staff.
Local Notes & Queries Index Parts 1 and 2 compiled by C. J. Woodward (1920).
Index to a newspaper column of the same name which appeared in various Birmingham newspapers between 1856 to 1914 focusing on archaeological and historical subjects. The volumes of Local Notes and Queries are held at LBF 71.061. We currently have volumes B,C,D,E,F,G,H,L,M,N,O,P,Q,S,T,U,V.
Articles indexed either by subject, name, collective name, places and miscellaneous plus there is a supplementary section. Reference to volumes is given in the form of a vulgar fraction. The prefix is the letter of the alphabet referring to the relevant volume, the number on the top half of the fraction is the page or column number in the volume while the number on the bottom half of the fraction is the entry number on the page. Entry numbers are repeated. Quick Reference shelves in HRA.
Birmingham Broadsides
Broadsides flourished in the period between the 16th to the 19th centuries. They were printed on one side of inexpensive paper and often contained the words of a ballad or a rhyme of a news event. Many contained a woodcut illustration.
Indexes arranged according to the name of the printer/author or
the title of the ballad/song.
Please consult staff.
Collection stored at LF 05.2 and bound in volumes according to subject - crime/politics/religion.
Birmingham Ephemera Collection
A miscellaneous collection of cards, leaflets, posters, etc. arranged according to subject. The historic span of the collection appears to run from the late 19th century to the latter half of the 20th. The collection is stored in subject boxes at 5/L/355.
Consolidated subject index providing basic details of the item
plus appropriate subject boxes.
Please consult staff.
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