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Visual access

Some of the key accessibility features of the Library of Birmingham are highlighted below.

  • Colour contrast throughout the building has been carefully considered
  • All glass has markings on it so that it is more easily seen
  • Braille and embossed signs are used on toilets and lift lobbies throughout the building
  • Audio information in lifts
  • An audio guide, including a tour, is available for people with visual impairments. Ask at the reception desk in the foyer
  • Braille copies of the Visitor Guide are available from the reception desk in the foyer - ask a member of staff
  • Supernova is available on every computer. This is a specialist programme which is suitable for anyone with a visual impairment and offers a screen magnifier, screen reader and support for Braille displays
  • Windows 7 has a range of tools to make access easier. These are available by selecting all programmes then accessories followed by accessibility
  • Clearview Speech (a table top machine which magnifies and reads aloud) available in the Children's Library
  • Clear Reader + (a portable text reader, similar to Readit touch) is kept in the Children's library and can be used throughout the building
  • Accessible keyboard for people who work better with large keys and bold colours are available in the Children's Library
  • Large trackball mouse (makes controlling the pointer on screen easier) is available in the Children's Library
  • Good selection of audio books and large print books
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