Faces of the Library of Birmingham

The Faces of the Library of Birmingham are twenty six people (one for each letter of the alphabet) who are passionate about libraries and about Birmingham. They include a teenage radio presenter, a Bhangra expert, a veteran of community work, a salsa-dancing linguist, a children’s author, The Hustle actor Adrian Lester and a boxing poet! The Faces tell their own stories of how libraries have transformed their lives in a series of short films.

Each Face represents a different aspect of the library’s extensive collections and their message is that regardless of who you are or where you come from, the Library of Birmingham has something for YOU!

Ian Ward, deputy leader of Birmingham City Council said:
In the Faces of the Library of Birmingham we have a bunch of fantastic ambassadors for the library and for the city. They reflect the incredible range of roles that libraries can play in the lives of people from different walks and in different stages of life.

As real people with real passions, the Faces embody the variety and wealth of the services, facilities and possibilities that the Library of Birmingham provides to the city’s residents and the wider world. The Faces were selected after a city-wide search that ran for two years and attracted nearly 135 applicants.

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