Ukraine crisis

As people around the world watch what’s happening in Ukraine, Birmingham’s communities are coming together to support international appeals and efforts to help those fleeing war. Details of how to offer support and where to find information and advice can be found on our City of Sanctuary webpage

Claiming travel expenses for attending an inquest

If you’d like to claim travel expenses, please speak to someone in the Court Office before you leave the Court.

What travel expenses can witnesses claim?

If you’re summoned to act as a witness at a Coroner’s inquiry you can claim travel expenses. These will be paid in accordance with the following:

  • When travelling by public transport:
    • You will only be refunded up to the cost of the economy fare for journeys by train or air (unless the coroner agrees otherwise)
    • For all other forms of public transport, you may claim up to the cost of the actual fare
  • Where travel is by taxi or other privately hired vehicle:
    • You may only make a claim if the coroner is satisfied that no alternative public transport was available
    • You will only be paid expenses that the coroner believes are reasonable.
  • Where travel is by private transport (such as your own car or bicycle):
    • You may claim any reasonable parking fees
    • You may claim mileage expenses at the following rates:
      • Car / motorcycle public transport rate = 25p per mile
      • Car / motorcycle standard rate = 45p per mile
      • Bicycle rate = 20p per mile
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