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Attending a Coroner’s inquest

Please arrive at the Coroner's Court at least 15 minutes before the hearing is due to begin. If you're late, it may not be possible to delay proceedings.

When you arrive at the Coroner’s Court, the Coroner’s Court Clerk will take your name and show you where to sit.

The Coroner decides what order witnesses will give their evidence in. The Coroner’s Officer will be able to tell you the order that witnesses will be called in; any family members will usually be asked to give evidence first. Witnesses will usually give their evidence from the witness box at the front of the court, near the Coroner.

Once the Coroner’s heard all the evidence, any lawyers acting for interested parties (usually the deceased's immediate family and those involved in the death) can make any further, legal points that are relevant to the Coroner's decision. 

At the end of the inquest the Coroner will give a summary of the evidence they’ve heard and state their findings (conclusions).

Following an inquest the Coroner will send the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages a Certificate, so that they can register the death and produce a death certificate.

You can read more information about Coroner Services and Coroner Investigations on the Gov.uk website.

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