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Queen Victoria statue and Ebony plaque, Birmingham

Queen Victoria and Ebony

The statue of Queen Victoria in Victoria Square is by Thomas Brock and was unveiled on 10 January 1901, just 12 days before her death. The original statue was marble. In 1951 (to mark the Festival of Britain) a bronze cast was made. In 1992 this was taken away to be cleaned, returning in April 1993 as the refurbishment of the Square was nearing completion.


During the renovation of Victoria Square, one of the workmen was accompanied by his Black Labrador, Ebony, who had her own high-visibility vest and could often be seen carrying his tools, or relieving passers-by of chocolate!

Her contribution to the improved square is marked by a small plaque reading "On Site - Ebony 1992-93" and containing her paw-print. It's not far from Queen Victoria - see if you can find it!

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