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Nationality Checking Service

The Nationality Checking Service (NCS) can check your British citizenship application before you send it to the Home Office. This won’t guarantee that the Home Office will grant your application or mean that they process it faster, but it will make sure that you’ve completed it correctly.

As part of this service we can:

  • check you’ve used the correct application form(s) and completed everything (we can’t complete the forms for you)
  • check you’ve provided all the supporting documents needed
  • check you’re paying the correct application fee
  • photocopy your important documents, so you don’t have to send your originals
  • send your checked and completed application to the Home Office on your behalf.

We can’t tell you if your application will be successful or give you any immigration advice or information.


Interview type 2018/19

Single interview

for one adult or one child


Joint interview 

for married couples or civil partners living together and applying at the same time


Family interview

for two parents and up to two children, or one parent and up to three children


Additional adults

when attending a family interview 


Additional children

when attending a family interview 


Before you book an appointment you should make sure:

  • you meet the Home Office requirements, as any appointment fees you pay are non-refundable.
  • you’re ready to submit your documents (if you reschedule your appointment you may have to pay additional fees).
  • you know if you can only apply for British citizenship after a certain date, as you’ll need to tell us this on your form.

To book an appointment to have your application checked, please download, print and return your completed National Checking Service Appointment Request form to the address given on this page.

If you haven’t received confirmation of your appointment date and time within 5 working days of sending us your form, please email us to let us know.