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Attend a public citizenship ceremony

The process

  • The Home Office notifies you via post or email of a successful application. This is your decision letter, which advises you not to contact a register office. Please do not contact us if you have only received this letter.
  • The Home Office will then send you a second letter titled ‘Citizenship Invitation’ or an email titled ‘Citizenship Ceremony Invitation’ asking you to contact us to arrange your ceremony.
  • The Home Office letter or email is a standard letter or email sent to all successful applicants across the country advising to contact your local Register Office to arrange your ceremony. Our policy at Birmingham Register Office is to automatically invite you to the next available group ceremony so please do not contact us to arrange your ceremony as we will either email you to advise of the date and time of your ceremony or send you an invitation through the post.
  • You must bring your Home Office invitation to your ceremony. If you have received an email version, it can be printed in a PDF form or be shown to the Registrar on a smartphone at your ceremony. Please note if your application is being handled on your behalf by a third party (e.g. a solicitor or immigration advisors) please ensure that they have forwarded the Home Office invitation email to you, so that you are able to show this to register office staff on the day of your ceremony to enable your ceremony to proceed.
  • If you have requested a duplicate copy or email from the Home Office, please contact us when you receive it at for further advice.

It can sometimes take several weeks for us to receive your certificate from the Home Office, even if you have received their invitation letter. We will not contact you until we receive your certificate.

Due to the pandemic, you have six months to attend a ceremony.

We are also able to offer some private citizenship ceremonies.

Page last updated: 21 November 2022

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