Your care and support - How much will you have to pay

Following a care and support needs assessment, the Local authority will need to determine whether you qualify for financial support towards the cost of your care and support ( referred to as funding assistance).

To do this the Local authority will carry out a basic Financial Assessment by asking whether or not you have access to funds above £23,250.

If you do not have access to funds above £23,250 you will usually qualify for financial support (referred to as funding assistance) towards the cost of your care and support.

If you do qualify for financial support the Local authority will then work out how much your care and support will cost, this is known as your personal budget.

Once the personal budget has been determined and care and support or direct payment is in place, a full / personalised financial assessment will be carried out by Client financial services. They will calculate the amount you must contribute towards the cost of your care and support. This will be confirmed in writing.

All care and support arranged by the Local Authority is chargeable from the first day of service. This calculator will give you an estimate of the weekly amount you are likely to be asked to contribute towards the cost of your care before your care and support begins.

The amount of money you will have to pay towards your care and support depends on a number of factors.

The rates and charges are updated periodically.

Download the Your social care and support - how much will you have to pay leaflet for more information.

Download the latest rates and charges.

Care contribution estimator

Use our online care contribution estimator to see how much you are likely to be asked to contribute towards your care and support.

We hope this estimator will help you to plan your budget.

Any contribution that you need to pay is chargeable from day one of receiving the service.

  • using this care contribution estimator is completely anonymous, you will not be asked for any information to identify yourself
  • you can view the completed form as a PDF file to save it or print it by clicking the ‘view form’ button on the last page

Please Do Not select the submit button after completing the form as we are currently unable to receive information via this link.

Before you begin

You may want to ask for help from a relative or other suitable representative. You'll be asked to provide the following information.

  • about you - whether you are a home owner, have a spouse, civil partner or live with someone
  • your savings and money in your accounts - this is the total of all bank and building society accounts you have, including current accounts, it also includes any other savings or investments such as Post Office Savings, shares, ISAs, Premium Bonds, etc.
  • Where savings are jointly held you should only consider your share of them
  • your income
  • your weekly expenditure, e.g. if you receive care in your own home, e.g. mortgage or rent, buildings insurance, Council Tax

How to provide your figures

Please ensure that any figures are entered as 00.00 only.

e.g. 15160.50 or 10.00 would be correct.

Please do not use commas, dashes or £

Care contribution estimator

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