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What are Direct Payments?

Direct Payments are a way for citizens to have control over their care and support personal budget. Birmingham City Council will make payments directly to you so that you can buy the care and support you need yourself, rather than the council arranging it for you.

Direct Payments are flexible. You can choose the services you want, as long as you are able to show how they meet your assessed needs.

YOU are the expert and know the best way to meet YOUR needs.

Can I receive Direct Payments?

If the council has agreed that you are eligible for social care support then you should be able to have Direct Payments.

If you are not able to manage Direct Payments yourself, the council may ask a trusted friend or relative to manage them for you.

As long as you have an eligible need, it’s your choice whether you want to receive Direct Payments. You can change your mind at any time.

How will I receive a direct payment if I'm eligible?

If you have eligible care and support needs, and you choose a direct payment, we’ll give you a Prepaid Card. You can use this to pay for your care and support.

There are many advantages of taking your direct payment in this way.

Watch this video about Direct Payments and the advantages of using a prepaid card or download this factsheet about Direct Payments for more information.

Video: Social Care Direct Payments - the advantages of using a prepaid card

What is an eligible need?

These are support needs that the council must help citizens with so that they can live their lives, such as getting washed and dressed.

What support will I have?

There are organisations such as 

that can help you manage your Direct Payments. Your social work team can also support you through the process.

The council’s Direct Payments team is also here to help make things as easy as possible.

How do I ask for Direct Payments?

Firstly, you'll need an assessment, which is usually carried out by one of the council’s social work staff.

This will look at what you're able to do for yourself and what you need help with.

If there are essential things you need help with, and there is nobody else to provide that help, you may be eligible for support.

You may be asked to pay some of your own money towards the cost of your care.

Download the Direct Payments leaflet for more information.

Speak to your social worker or if you do not have one, contact the team below.

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