What do citizens say are the benefits of Direct Payments?


  • "Since I switched to Direct Payments my levels of independence have gone up and up! I’ve gone from living in a nursing home to having my own accommodation, a carer who can drive for me, and working self-employed. Mark, Edgbaston"
  • "I am in control of who provides my care. I don’t have to stick with workers that don’t do a good job or that I don’t trust, I decide who works for me. Donna, Erdington"

Remember, just because you can’t manage Direct Payments on your own, this does not mean you are not eligible for them.

More quotes

  • "I employ someone I know to help me manage the paperwork and calculate the wages for my personal assistant and then I use one of the support agencies to pay the wages to people. I am registered blind so paperwork is difficult for me. Stephen, Selly Oak"
  • "I’ve employed carers that I get on well with and share my interests this is important because we spend a lot of time together and they are in my home. The support I get means I can continue to run my own home and care for my children. Hilary, Sutton"
  • "I employ two personal assistants. The support service does the calculations for me so that I know what I have to pay for wages and tax – all I have to do pay their wage. Gill, Quinton"

Video clips about Direct Payments

Hear from citizens about how they've used direct payments for their care and support needs.

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